The training facility within Rekovery Athletics has been designed with the singular goal of helping anyone that walks through our doors to become stronger and have success in the goals they lay out for themselves.

From first time strength trainers, or competitive powerlifters all the way to athletes preparing to compete at The World's Strongest Man contest, we have worked tirelessly to compile a catalog of the best equipment available to will allow this to become a reality.

Currently we have the following;

-2 Rogue Fitness 100" Tall Cages

-2 Olympic Lifting Platforms

​-1 Deadlift Platform w/ Band Pegs and 459kg of Calibrated Competition Plates

-1 DynaBody Monolift

-1 EliteFTS Power Squat Machine

-1 EliteFTS Leg Press

-1 Westside Barbell Athletic Training Platform

-1 Westside Barbell Inverse Curl Machine

-1 Rogue Fitness GHR

-1 Rogue Fitness Reverse Hyper

-Rubber Hex-Head Dumbells From 5->125lbs

-5475lbs of Steel Plates

-880lbs of Bumper Plates

- 3 Adjustable Benches

-4 Flat Benches

-A Diverse Range of Bars from Power, Squat, Deadlift, Multi-Grip, Curl and Trap Bars To Name A Few!

-A Massive Range of Strongman Equipment Including Atlas Stones, Logs, Giant Dumbbells, Yoke, Farmers Walk Implements, Kegs and Sandbags



Memberships are listed below:

Monthly Membership: $70

Spousal Membership: $60

Drop In Fee: $10

**24/7 Hours For Members Only; Daily Drop In Hours Below**
**Monday through Friday 2pm to 8pm, Saturday 11am to 5pm, Sunday 11am to 4pm**

Please contact us with any and all questions!