Rekovery Athletics was formed on the basis that everyone can achieve excellence and attain their personal goals in health and fitness.
We serve the Vancouver, WA area with the goal of providing the highest level of soft tissue, neuromuscular and fascial stretch therapy available through an individually tailored injury assessment and treatment process.
We also offer 100% personalized training programs through online coaching and also have nutrition specialists working as a single team to achieve the best results possible.

We strive to develop a positive environment of self improvement for all our clients as well as to harbor a mindset of excellence and also the ever continuing education of our staff.
We will provide specialized hands on services to both athletes and non athletes alike to alleviate chronic and acute injury, as well improve sporting performance through our athletic development program.

In addition to all our therapy and coaching services, Rekovery Athletics is a full functioning 24/7 access training facility with equipment to suit all ranges of individuals from the absolute beginner to World's Strongest Man competitors. 


Andrew Triana:

Andrew Triana is a devout scholar whose immersion in biology, chemistry, and physiology birthed a radically new lens to programming sports performance.

As an athlete he is known for his intensity, but as a coach his faith and compassion are the drivers for his athletes (behind the science of course).

You can find his radical pursuit of excellence on Facebook and Instagram as an individual or follow his team's education platform "The Performance Vibe".

Our philosophy

Our team

Ken Nowicki:​

After attaining a Masters Degree in Chemical & Process Engineering and seeing his father pass away from leukemia, Ken decided that the corporate world wasn't for him.

With a passion for helping others and sports, Ken decided to change fields and pursue a career in physical rehabilitation and athletic performance.  
He decided to move to Denver from his homeland of Scotland where he studied neuromuscular therapy and interned under the watchful eye of seasoned therapist Justin Willis.

He specializes in neuromuscular  therapy and soft tissue mobilization. He also trained in Arizona to become a Level 2 Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, and continues to study and attain certifications to enhance his experience and practice.
Aside from his professional training, Ken has been competing in the sport of strongman for the last decade and is a multiple time winner of the title of Scotland's Strongest Man amongst other titles. His experience in strength training has given him a unique insight into the way the body works and how to recover from and prevent future injuries.
By overcoming many serious injuries Ken is aware of the mental aspect that pain can cause and has learned how one on one therapy can drastically improve a patients quality of life.